Boston Style Diary

Hey there Dreamers,

If you follow me anywhere else other than here, on any social media channel, you can easily tell that our trip to Massachusetts has been the highlight of my summer. So much so that I CANNOT believe in all my 6 years of living in the US I’ve never been there before. And well… It’s been a pleasure, a complete blast. From the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill, to the extraordinary fully blooming flowers of all color, the Brownstones, not to mention the prestigious universities, Boston has stolen my heart. Like, on the very short list of places I could potentially move to in the future, Boston’s right up there.

We originally flew to Massachusetts to visit and stay with family in Cape Cod (another piece of paradise but that’ll be another discussion). Without stopping in Boston though, I don’t think the trip would’ve been the same. Ironically enough, two weeks later when we had to evacuate for hurricane Irma, we, again, found ourselves in the great city of Boston before settling in NYC.

Prior to even flying there, I did my homework and spent hours browsing the web to see what it looks like, what the famous spots are (the picture worthy ones for my taste), the things that are exclusive to the city and so on… But also the ones that will be engraved in my mind and help me build up memories which to me, are all key elements when it comes to traveling. As much as I love finding the right spots to get the best pictures, I also like for a day or two to do nothing but explore, learn, meet new people, try new things, and make the experience as memorable as it can be. No commitments, no expectations, just complete tourism. Because let’s be honest, there has to be more to it than just snaps for social media. There just has to be!!!

And then I opted for something bright and flowy that would reflect the summer season and also match the city’s aesthetics as well. This dress was just the perfect piece.

It was warm outside, hot actually. Very hot! Miami hot. So it gave me this homey feeling and sitting pretty came in handy.

And as you can imagine finding a blue door to match your dress and the perfect display of pretty flowers to top it all off is no big deal for Boston…

Lastly, this one is my fave. I can’t exactly pinpoint why but let’s say there’s just something about it. You know… Something 🙂

… And just like that Summer 2017 is over. Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling. Here’s to the new season, hoping it brings with itself new things, new beginnings, and opens the path to new experiences so we can be brave enough to let the dead things go… All that Autumn stands for. Happy Fall!!!

Until next time…



Photo Credits to Marc Klaus


Summer Stripes

Each season comes with a trend. Some trends stay, some vanish with the season that carried it. Stripes, particularly blue stripes, have made Summer 17 and we can only hope they stay because they’re fab, fun, girly, and give the right amount of tropical vibe to any look.

I mean can’t you even scroll through your Instagram without seeing at least three different posts from your favorite bloggers twirling in some kind of blue stripes. Be it a shirt, a dress, romper, or a full ensemble! I know… Impossible!

I’ve had my fair share of stripes fever but I recently found a shirt that I can play with in two different ways. It’s easy and comfortable, yet classy, proving exactly everyone’s obsession.

Look Numero Uno 🙂

Paired with some flared jeans & pointed toe booties, this could get you to the office, to brunch with the girls, or it’s simply perfect for hot summer date nights.

Look Numero Dos 🙂

Paired with some shorts and the same pointed toe booties, this look shows the legs and exposes the shoes. These shoes will take you places! (They took me to an early evening movie date). You can switch them out for some flats and you’re ready for the beach.

Shop the looks:


Favorite stripes from the internet: