Summer Stripes

Each season comes with a trend. Some trends stay, some vanish with the season that carried it. Stripes, particularly blue stripes, have made Summer 17 and we can only hope they stay because they’re fab, fun, girly, and give the right amount of tropical vibe to any look.

I mean can’t you even scroll through your Instagram without seeing at least three different posts from your favorite bloggers twirling in some kind of blue stripes. Be it a shirt, a dress, romper, or a full ensemble! I know… Impossible!

I’ve had my fair share of stripes fever but I recently found a shirt that I can play with in two different ways. It’s easy and comfortable, yet classy, proving exactly everyone’s obsession.

Look Numero Uno 🙂

Paired with some flared jeans & pointed toe booties, this could get you to the office, to brunch with the girls, or it’s simply perfect for hot summer date nights.

Look Numero Dos 🙂

Paired with some shorts and the same pointed toe booties, this look shows the legs and exposes the shoes. These shoes will take you places! (They took me to an early evening movie date). You can switch them out for some flats and you’re ready for the beach.

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Favorite stripes from the internet:



Velvet and No Pants for Christmas

It’s safe to say that 2016 has been full of surprises, unexpected turns (ahem the presidential elections) and so on. But thankfully in Fashion, when the unexpected happens it isn’t as devastating. In fact, we can play with it, shuffle things around, style, accessorize it, and make it our own. That being said, it’s 2016, I’m wearing velvet and I’m feeling fabulous. I still remember how hideous I thought the fabric was back in the days when my mom used to wear it. But by some miracle the trend is back and if you’ve been an avid reader of the blog, you know how we dreamers deal with things we cannot change, right? We embrace them!

I haven’t been feeling in the holiday spirit this year at all. So as much as I can, I try to keep things festive but still low-key; meaning no drastic changes. Around the house I didn’t do much other than move over a plant and put up a Christmas tree (same one from last year, same decor). But being in NYC during this time of the year you just can’t escape the charm of Christmas. Which brings us back to velvet… Thank God for Velvet. I was able to effortlessly throw on this oversized top and because it’s blue it just adds that festive touch I didn’t want to miss. I ditched any kind of pants for some sheer black pantyhose and to add some edge I completed the outfit with a pair of Gucci boots and my Lady Dior bag.

It felt youthful, comfortable and most importantly I stayed true to my initial mindset of not going all out for the holiday season. But of course finding a Christmas tree in the city to make it all look like I took a trip to the north pole itself wasn’t that hard. Safe to say it worked out just fine.

Again, remember if you can’t change it, embrace it…

Happy and safe holidays Dreamers!

until next time,

Madame xx


Oversized Velvet Top Here

PantyHose Here